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Taylor Mitchell

Adding Series to the VCdb

Posted in: ACES Community

Taylor Mitchell

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  1. Ralph Bowen
    Ralph Bowen

    Illumaware LLC.
    Wake Forest, NC

  2. Deign Hughes
    Deign Hughes

    eTool Developers
    Grand Rapids, MI

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    Mark Jesernig

    Standard Motor Products, Inc.
    Long Island City, NY

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  • Tom Frey

    RE: PIES 6.5 XSD

    Posted in: PIES Community

    IF all suppliers adopted industry standards there would only be UP or EN Bar Codes. We have had to keep non standard load formats and sustain bar code fields at item and all pack levels because of several manufacturers that continue to make up a different...

  • Brian Williams

    PIES 6.5 XSD

    Posted in: PIES Community

    The current revision of the PIES 6.5 XSD sets the Item Level GTIN with a required value of 14 numeric characters, yet the GTIN Qualifier options allow for only UP or EA values which are defined to represent 12 and 13 digits respectively. Going...

  • Michael Wanner

    PAdb: Hardware Included

    Posted in: PIES Community

    In the automotive aftermarket industry there are different opinions of what "Hardware Included" means. Does this annotation depict that every piece of hardware needed to do the job is included. This can lead to another 'rabbit hole', what is encompassed...

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